Final Day to Order!

FINAL DAY to order (league of confessors)

The Reformation 2017 Edition of League of Confessors will no longer be available after August 9, 2017.

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George the Pious

League of Confessors.GeorgethePious

George the Pious is the Magrave of Brandenburg and the starting prince for John Frederick the Magnanimous.  He was a staunch ally of John Frederick’s dad, John the Steadfast, and now stands ready to defend the Lutheran cause.  At the Diet of Augsburg, George spoke boldly when the Lutherans were forbidden by Charles V and Ferdinand I to continue in their teaching.  George professed, “Before I let anyone take from me the Word of God and ask me to deny my God, I will kneel and let them strike off my head!”  The entire territory of Brandenburg stands ready with their prince to engage the impending imperial invasion.

John Frederick the Magnanimous

League of Confessors.John FredericktheMagnanimous

With his father and uncle now dead, the rule of Saxony and the protection of all Lutheran lands has fallen to John Frederick.  He is the leading force behind the formation of the Lutheran league and the defense of the Reformation.  He begins the game as a starting Commander in the territory of Saxony.  He went to great lengths to help spread the Gospel and was repeatedly threatened with death if he would not recant his Lutheran confession.  Time and time again, he courageously refused to recant with calm and joyful defiance.  He believed that if he would deny the clear teaching of God’s Holy Word, he would be committing a sin against the Holy Ghost.  John Frederick is willing to back up his confession of this faith at all costs.  He even Has the scar to prove it.

Martin Luther

League of Confessors.MartinLuther
Martin Luther is the unstoppable champion behind the reformation. He is the starting Confessor for John Frederick at the beginning of the game.  At his first comprehension of Romans 1:17 “The just shall live by faith,” his life was dedicated to teaching the Word of God and preaching the Gospel.  The Biblical conviction that humanity is justified by God’s grace in Jesus apart from works of the law had captured his soul (Galatians 2:16).  He cannot be intimidated, silenced, or shut up.  The only way to stop him is to kill him.  His courage and conviction are undeniable.  Martin Luther once refused to deny his writings before the pope and the emperor saying “I cannot and will not recant.  I cannot do otherwise.  Here I stand.  God help me.  Amen.”

News Release!

In Honor of Reformation 2017

LEAGUE OF CONFESSORS is a simulation of the spiritual and physical warfare that erupted after the Reformation.  It is the only game that covers the specific battles that took place between the Schmalkaldic League of Confessors (the Lutherans) and the Catholic League (Holy Roman Empire) between the years 1532-1555.  The setting of League of Confessors begins after the death of John the Steadfast as the leaders of the Augsburg Confession prepare to defend themselves against the impending armies of the Holy Roman Empire. Power and wealth will collide with conviction and courage as two leagues of heroes go to war with sword and pen!