LoC Training Videos 11 & 12

Video 11 shows you how to gain abilities for your heroes.


Video 12 shows you how to conduct the Build Hero Action within the Hero Stage.


LoC Training Videos 7 & 8

Video 7 shows how the Development Stage works.


Video 8 shows you how the Enlistment Stage works.

Soldier Movement

Keep in mind that on your turn you can move a soldier marker in or out of your army at any time from any territory that your hero is in (see below).  It costs no hero action points to do this.  Perform this function if you are leaving a territory with your army.  If you take 1 of your soldier markers out of your hero’s army mat and place it on the territory, you will be able to collect the resources for that territory on your next resource stage.  This is a very smart way to expand your territories and widen your resource base. If you feel your army will be threatened by attack after your move, you do not have to leave a soldier marker behind.  You will simply be giving up that territory and will not get the resources for it on the following turn.






Enlistment Stage

You will not survive long if you do not enlist troops.  Enlisting troops is very simple.  It costs 2 resources to enlist troops (5000 mixed units reflected by a soldier marker).  Use as many resources as you choose to enlist soldiers into your army.  Place 1 soldier marker into each of your armies for every 2 resources you use during the Enlistment Stage.  For example, if you spend 4 resources this stage, place 2 soldier markers in 2 of your armies.  If you spend 6 resources, place 3 soldiers.  Again, you may not place soldiers onto a territory.  Make sure you remember to move down your wooden marker on the resource chart for each of the resources you spend.  As your heroes advance in their abilities (Lead 2, Lead 3, Lead 4, and Lead 5) they will be able to hold more soldier markers in their armies.






Resource Stage

You get resources for each of the territories you control.  You must have at least 1 of your soldier units or armies in that territory to be “in control” of it.  If it is an electorate territory, you get 2 resources.  If it is a normal territory, you get 1.  At the beginning of your turn, add up all your resources from your territories and place a wooden cube marker on the correct number of the resource chart.  Throughout your turn, you will keep track of the resources you spend on the Resource chart of the game board. 

You must plan accordingly!  The resources of your realm must stretch over the 4 different stages and the many actions of your various heroes.  Once they are gone, they are gone.  However, unused resources at the end of your turn can be saved for future turns.  You will add saved resources to the resources you collect on the next round.  This allows you to save up for a bigger building project such as a castle even on a small “budget.”  Very quickly, you will learn to make wise decisions in regard to your resource management.  In LoC, there are no monetary exchanges.  All points that are available for your army come directly from the resource income of your territories.  If you have few territories, you will acquire very few resources.  After you add up your resources from the territories you control, make sure you move the wooden marker for every resource you use to develop, enlist, or build (see bottom left corner of game board pic).  After each stage, you will move the wooden cube down the number of resources you spend each time you make a decision.  After you have conducted your turn through all the stages, your wooden cube will be on the number of resources that you can add to your income for the next round. 

In the Reformation 2017 edition of League of Confessors, the resource chart on the game board will include all six players (including the Franco-Ottoman Alliance Players).






The Reformation

Everything changed the day an Augustinian monk by the name of Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses to the Castle Church in Wittenberg.  Conviction and courage were reborn in a time of compromise and chaos.  Once this conviction was reborn, there was really no turning back.  

Charles V

League of Confessors.Charles V

As the Holy Roman Emperor, Charles V is the most powerful person on the planet.  He has all the might, all the influence, and the bank roll to boot.  What could stand in his way?  Well, he has a big problem with the subjects of his realm now loyal to this new confession being taught by Martin Luther.  Diplomacy and threats have failed.  It is now time for the sword.  These rogue “Lutherans” must learn their lesson!  With Francis I breathing down his neck in the west and Suleiman on his doorstep in the east, Charles needs to get these misguided princes in line so that they can join him on the battlefield with a united front.  To war and to victory!  Charles is a starting Commander for the Catholic League.