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League of Confessors.Philip of Hesse


Philip of Hesse

League of Confessors.PhilipofHesse

Philip of Hesse is a starting Commander for the Lutheran League.  He was mightily impressed by Martin Luther at the Diet of Worms in 1521, and in turn, actually began to study the New Testament.  What a concept!  Within a few years, he was willing to put his name on the articles of faith contained in the Augsburg Confession.  Now that the Lutheran League has been formed to defend protestant lands, Philip is the league’s inspiration through his promotion and tireless recruitment.  At times, he may be a little too good of a negotiator.  He is often willing to bend a lot further than his ally, John Frederick.  Regardless of his issues (for he was no sinless saint!), Philip is certainly committed to the Reformation cause for better or for worse.