Hero Action – Publish (Convert Hero)

Now we get to the most powerful hero ability of the game.  See Nicholas von Amsdorf’s hero card above again.  Notice that the 7th hero ability that he can get has a tiny flag on it.  This is the Convert Hero ability.  The Convert Hero ability has the ability to change the course of the entire game.  If a hero is converted, that hero switches over to your league, but will stay in the same territory.  Switch the hero marker to your color.  You will now roll for each soldier in that army and territory to see if they will also convert to your side.  Using the ability of the confessor who converted the hero, roll the same amount of dice for each soldier.  Change the converted soldiers to your color.  Unconverted soldiers are removed from play.  If you convert the opponent’s confessor and they have one of their armies in that territory, the confessor is removed from play.  If you convert a hero with an army with a confessor in the territory, the hero with the army is converted (don’t forget to roll for each soldier) and the confessor is removed from play immediately.  The hero that is converted with their army is immediately in play on the very turn they switch to your side.  The tide of war can turn around very quickly!  Remember that, if your confessor is on a territory with a church, you still get to roll 1 extra die when trying to convert a hero.  Do not forget to factor in the Publish ability and the Convert Hero ability into how you play this game.  The pen is mightier than the sword!



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