Hero Action – Publish

The Lutheran League (The League of Confessors) will be seeking to publish their confessional writings as fast and as far as they can.  Their Biblical conviction that people are justified before God by the grace of the cross of Christ alone was shaking up the world.  This conviction was at the heart of their courage.  In turn, the Holy Roman Empire (The Catholic League) was responding as quickly as possible with writings of their own – usually in the form of papal bulls.  Regardless of which side you are playing, the Publish Hero Action will make or break you.  Not only can groups of soldiers leave the other league for your side, but heroes with their entire armies can ultimately be turned by conversion or pressure and turn the tide on your enemy (the most notable historical example of this was Maurice of Saxony who literally flip-flopped twice in the years leading up the Peace of Augsburg in 1555!).  Do not underestimate the role of this particular Hero Action.  Your confessors will basically be doing nothing else other than trying to win over people’s hearts and allegiances.

League of Confessors.NicholasvonAmsdorf2.png

Notice the Hero Mat of Nicholas von Amsdorf above.  His default ability as a confessor is the Publish 1 ability (see the book with a “1” on it at the left).  This means that he is able to perform the publish hero action from the beginning of the game.  You will also notice that he can gain the Publish 2 (the book with a “2” on it) and Publish 3 ability (the book with a “3” on it) if he stays alive and continues to advance in hero abilities.  Publish 2 allows you to roll 2 dice when publishing and Publish 3 allows you to roll 3.


To perform the Publish Hero Action, your confessor (or another hero with the Publish ability) rolls 1 confessor die.  Choose an adjacent enemy territory as your target.  If you roll anything other than a cross (the Faith symbol), there are no conversions.  If you roll a cross, 1 soldier from an adjacent territory converts to your side.  This could apply to either a soldier marker or an army in that adjacent territory.  This process approximates the number of conversions that would take place once your confessional writing was introduced into a territory.  It is your opponent’s choice as to which of his or her units is converted in that territory.  You may only try and convert your opponents and not your allies! 

If the soldier converted is in one of your opponent’s armies, that soldier will leave your opponent’s army and come into the territory that your confessor was in.  If that soldier was a lone unit in a territory, you will replace your opponent’s soldier marker with one of your own.  If you convert a soldier in an opponent’s army and you have no room for more units in the territory your confessor is in, that opponent’s unit is simply removed from play.  These same principles apply when your confessors gain the ability to convert more soldiers at a time.  If more than 1 soldier is converted, as many soldiers that can fit into the confessor’s territory switch over to your league.  If you have a commander, prince, or general in the same territory as your confessor, converted soldiers may be placed onto their army mat. 







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