Hero Actions – Build

One of the most critical aspects in League of Confessors is the Hero Build ability.  If your hero has the Build ability, you can construct a building on a territory where that hero is.  Just to be clear, the hero with the Build ability can only build something in the territory that the hero is standing in.  There is also a limit to how many buildings you can construct in a territory.  A territory that is worth 2 resources (an electorate) can support 2 buildings.  All other territories (worth 1 resource) can only have 1 building.  There are 3 different construction projects that your hero can undertake.  They are:

Build a church – costs 4 resources


Build an armory – costs 5 resources


Build a castle – costs 6 resources


At a church, confessors roll an extra die when seeking to convert units in another territory when they Publish a confession.  You will get the church bonus of +1 die when trying to convert units through the Publish ability.  This also applies to the Convert Hero (CH) skill. 

With an armory, you can develop techniques that your army can use for as long as they remain in play.  Each time you try to develop a technique it will require an additional 3 resources.  This is described in detail in the section on the Development Stage.

With a castle, attacking armies must roll 1 less confessor die.   If a hero with Battle 2 (which normally lets you roll 2 confessor dice) attacks an opposing hero in a castle, the attacker would only be able to roll 1 die.  Also with a castle, you receive a recruit bonus.  Heroes seeking to recruit from a territory with a castle receive a bonus.  If your hero is on a territory with a castle, you gain the cross symbol in addition to the shield symbols.  This means your chances to successfully recruit go up from 33% up to 50%.  In this case, you can roll either a shield or a cross to successfully recruit.


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