Gaining Abilities

Your hero can gain an ability by:

  1. Constructing a building (castle, church, or armory) by using the Build ability.
  2. Moving into an unclaimed territory (where no friendly or opposing soldier is present).
  3. Performing a successful attack (at least 1 enemy unit is defeated) by using of the Battle ability.
  4. Performing a successful defense (at least 1 enemy unit is defeated) when you are attacked.
  5. Successfully recruiting a hero by using of the Recruit ability.
  6. Converting at least 1 unit by using the Publish ability.
  7. Converting a hero by using the Convert Hero ability.


If your hero successfully performs 1 of these actions above on their turn, immediately move the wooden cube on your hero’s ability chart over 1 square to the right (see pic on the left).  Sometimes your hero will have a blank square on their ability chart.  You may not skip it.  It simply means that this hero did not gain an ability this turn.  If they successfully perform 1 of the above actions on the next turn, move the cube over again and the hero will gain an ability.  You must wait till your next turn to use the new ability (even with hero actions remaining).  The weaker heroes have more blank spaces.  The strongest heroes do not have any at all.  Each hero may only gain 1 ability per round.  The only exception to this rule is if you perform a successful defense (point 5 above).  Each time your hero successfully defeats at least 1 enemy unit when an opposing army attacks you on their turn, move the cube over 1 square on the hero’s ability chart.



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