Hero Actions

Heroes are the only units in this game that can perform any actions.  Each hero can only perform 1 Hero Action (a default ability) at the beginning of the game and will gain the ability to do more as the game progresses.  Some heroes are able to have up to 4 Hero Actions.  In addition to this default ability (Action 1), each hero also begins the game with 1 ability according to their hero classification.  These hero classification abilities are always the 1st square on the left side of your hero mat.   Commanders begin with the Recruit 1 ability (Fig. 18), princes begin with the Build 1 ability, confessors begin with the Publish 1 ability, and generals begin with the Battle 1 ability (the 1st square on the left side of your hero mat).


Throughout play, there will only be five different actions that a hero can perform on their turn.  They can perform these actions in any order you choose and as often as you choose, as long as that hero has Hero Actions left to utilize.  The five Hero Actions are:

  • Move – Costs 1 Hero Action
  • Build – Costs 1 Hero Action
  • Battle – Costs 1 Hero Action
  • Publish – Costs 1 Hero Action
  • Recruit – Costs 1 Hero Action







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