Enlistment Stage

You will not survive long if you do not enlist troops.  Enlisting troops is very simple.  It costs 2 resources to enlist troops (5000 mixed units reflected by a soldier marker).  Use as many resources as you choose to enlist soldiers into your army.  Place 1 soldier marker into each of your armies for every 2 resources you use during the Enlistment Stage.  For example, if you spend 4 resources this stage, place 2 soldier markers in 2 of your armies.  If you spend 6 resources, place 3 soldiers.  Again, you may not place soldiers onto a territory.  Make sure you remember to move down your wooden marker on the resource chart for each of the resources you spend.  As your heroes advance in their abilities (Lead 2, Lead 3, Lead 4, and Lead 5) they will be able to hold more soldier markers in their armies.







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