On Your Turn

Your turn will be conducted through 4 distinct stages.

This video will introduce you to how to conduct a turn through each of these 4 stages.


  1. RESOURCE STAGE (add up your resources from the territories you control)
  2. DEVELOPMENT STAGE (develop a technique for one of your armies)
  3. ENLISTMENT STAGE (enlist soldiers into your heroes’ armies)
  4. HERO STAGE (conduct Hero Actions for each of your heroes independently)

HERO STAGE:  MOVE (conduct movement/s with your hero and their army)

HERO STAGE:  BUILD (have your hero build an armory, castle, or church)

HERO STAGE:  RECRUIT (have your hero recruit from the stack of unused heroes)

HERO STAGE:  PUBLISH (publish a confessional writing for distribution in a territory)

HERO STAGE:  BATTLE (conduct attacks for hero with their army)

Perform these Hero Actions in any order you choose.






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