Setting Up The Game

This video shows you to set up for the Reformation 2017 Edition of League of Confessors. The Reformation 2017 Edition includes the Franco-Ottoman League (The Unholy Alliance).

The three Leagues are:

  • The Lutheran League (John Frederick the Magnanimous and Philip of Hesse)
  • The Catholic League (Charles V and Ferdinand I)
  • The Franco-Ottoman League (Francis I and Suleiman the Magnificent)

The order of play in the Reformation 2017 Edition is:

  1. John Frederick the Magnanimous (Lutheran League)
  2. Charles V (Catholic League)
  3. Francis I (Franco-Ottoman League)
  4. Philip of Hesse (Lutheran League)
  5. Ferdinand I (Catholic League)
  6. Suleiman the Magnificent (Franco-Ottoman League)

The two players of each league must work together to achieve 7 Conquest Points (CP’s) at the end of their turn.  If they do, they win the game.

In addition to the 6 Player Game, League of Confessors (Reformation 2017 Edition) can also work as 2 Player Game, 3 Player Game, or a 4 Player Game.





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