Order of Play

League of Confessors.Box top final (2nd version) - Copy.png

Who gets to go first?  No matter if you are playing a two, three, or four person game, the Order of Play is always the same.  It is as follows:

  1. John Frederick the Magnanimous (League of Confessors Player)
  2. Charles V (Catholic League Player)
  3. Philip of Hesse (League of Confessors Player)
  4. Ferdinand I (Catholic League Player)

Each player gets a turn.  When each player has had a chance to play their turn in this order, it signals the end of one round.  The video below shows you the first few minutes of setup and the order of play.  Keep in mind that this intro is just showing you the Order of Play for the main game (4 players) and not the Reformation 2017 Edition (up to 6 players).

Since the League of Confessors Expansion, The Unholy Alliance, is included in your purchase, the new order of play is:

  1. John Frederick the Magnanimous
  2. Charles V
  3. Francis I (Franco-Ottoman League Player)
  4. Philip of Hesse
  5. Ferdinand I
  6. Suleiman the Magnificent (Franco-Ottoman League Player)

League of Confessors.Unholy Alliance Box top final(2nd Version) - Copy.png



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