League of Confessors is a simulation of the spiritual and physical warfare that erupted after the Reformation. It is the only game that covers the specific battles that took place between the Schmalkaldic League of Confessors (the Lutherans) and the Catholic League (Holy Roman Empire) between the years 1532-1555. The setting of League of Confessors begins after the death of John the Steadfast as the leaders of the Augsburg Confession prepare to defend themselves against the impending armies of the Holy Roman Empire. Power and wealth will collide with conviction and courage as two leagues of heroes go to war with sword and the pen!

For Kickstarter (What you get with the two boxes including stretch goals).png

With the special release of the Reformation 2017 Edition, you will also get the Franco-Ottoman Expansion for absolutely free (League of Confessors by itself will retail for $80 in 2018). Included in one large retail box, you will also get all the components of the League of Confessors Expansion, The Unholy Alliance.  This opens up the game to up to six players.  Not only are you able to play as Charles V, John Frederick the Magnimous, Ferdinand I, or Philip of Hesse, you are now able to play as Francis I and Suleiman the Magnificent!

For Kickstarter (What You Get)

For Kickstarter (What You Also Get)


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