Johannes Eck

League of Confessors.JohannesEck

Johannes Eck could be considered Martin Luther’s oldest nemesis.  By common consent, he was acknowledged as a foremost theologian of his day and possessed rare gifts in language and memory.  And lets just say that he knows how to play hard ball.  From the very early days of the Reformation, Eck had just one goal.  That goal was to get Martin Luther to recant his teachings.  If he doesn’t, Eck believes that Luther should be burned at the stake.  Eck isn’t interested in having debates about the truths of Scripture.  He is under the one church of Rome and the office of the papacy.  In his mind, the big dude in Rome should never be challenged – ever.  Any threat or opposition to the system should be put down by any means necessary.  He is the starting Confessor for Charles V.

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