Ernst the Confessor

League of Confessors.ErnsttheConfessor

As is true in the lives of many great leaders, they are ushered into the pages of history by circumstances.  Such is the case with Ernst the Confessor, prince of Luneberg.  He was called upon to rule over his lands in a time of great squalor and confusion.  With persistent leadership, he restored order on every level.  Influenced by his uncle, Frederick the Wise, and the teachings of the Reformation, Ernst was ushered into his destiny.  He is the most influential prince in Northern Germany and the only prince capable of slowing down the great traitor, Maurice of Saxony.  And remember, Ernst does not bear the name “Confessor” because he is a pushover.  His name went down third on the Augsburg Confession for a reason.  Philip of Hesse is fortunate to have him as his starting Prince.

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