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Although the Reformation 2017 Edition is no longer available, you can still get a copy of the original game of League of Confessors for full price at: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/league-of-confessors.  Make sure that you are aware that you will have to order the Franco-Ottoman Expansion (The Unholy Alliance) separately at: https://www.thegamecrafter.com/games/league-of-confessors-expansion:-the-unholy-alliance.  Go to the ORDER INFORMATION and contact The Droege Boys for any further inquiries.  Thanks to everyone for making League of Confessors a colossal success!cropped-logo-for-kickstarter-41.png League of Confessors is a simulation of the spiritual and physical warfare that erupted after the Reformation. It is the only game that covers the specific battles that took place between the Schmalkaldic League of Confessors (the Lutherans) and the Catholic League (Holy Roman Empire) between the years 1532-1555. The setting of League of Confessors begins after the death of John the Steadfast as the leaders of the Augsburg Confession prepare to defend themselves against the impending armies of the Holy Roman Empire. Power and wealth will collide with conviction and courage as two leagues of heroes go to war with sword and the pen!

For Kickstarter (What you get with the two boxes including stretch goals).png

With the special release of the Reformation 2017 Edition, you will also get the Franco-Ottoman Expansion for absolutely free (League of Confessors by itself will retail for $80 in 2018). Included in one large retail box, you will get all the components of League of Confessors, and also get all components of the League of Confessors Expansion, The Unholy Alliance.  This opens up the game to up to six players.  Not only are you able to play as Charles V, John Frederick the Magnimous, Ferdinand I, or Philip of Hesse, you are now able to play as Francis I and Suleiman the Magnificent! The Reformation 2017 Edition is the only way that you will be able to get both games together.   It will never be available as a package deal again, and there will be no Kickstarter campaign (saving you cost!).  The only way to get League of Confessors (Reformation 2017 Edition) is to order your copy before August 9, 2017.

For Kickstarter (What You Get)

 For Kickstarter (What You Also Get)

Everything changed the day an Augustinian monk by the name of Martin Luther nailed 95 Theses to the Castle Church in Wittenberg.  Conviction and courage were reborn in a time of compromise and chaos.  Once this conviction was reborn, there was really no turning back.  Word got out.  Lines were drawn up.  War was on the horizon.  

Now it’s time to get to know the heroes of the world event!


League of Confessors.John Frederick for Kickstarter

League of Confessors.Martin Luther for Kickstarter

League of Confessors.George the Pious for Kickstarter

League of Confessors.Philip of Hesse

League of Confessors.Philip Melanchthon for Kickstarter

League of Confessors.Ernst the Confessor


League of Confessors.Charles V for Kickstarter

League of Confessors.Johannes Eck for Kickstarter

League of Confessors.Maurice of Saxony for Kickstarter

League of Confessors.Ferdinand I for Kickstarter

League of Confessors.Paul III for Kickstarter

League of Confessors.Albrecht Alcibiades Kickstarter


League of Confessors comes with 4 different classes of heroes.

Commanders – Commanders are the heroes that initially lead your entire army. They are good leaders in battle and are very versatile.

League of Confessors.John FredericktheMagnanimous

Generals – Generals are good leaders in battle, but that is all they will do. They can advance in their battle abilities very quickly. 

League of Confessors.ConradAdalbero

Princes – Princes will help build the infrastructure of your expanding territory through the construction of armories, castles, or churches. 

League of Confessors.ErnsttheConfessor

Confessors – Confessors do not have the ability to lead troops in battle. They are the only heroes who have the ability to publish confessional writings to convert opponents to their side.

League of Confessors.Paul III


Game play is conducted through four distinct stages.

During the RESOURCE stage, you will add up the resources that you have according to the number territories you control (there are seven electorate territories that are worth double resources).  Each player must use their resources wisely because they must stretch over each of the next stages.

During the DEVELOPMENT stage, you can develop one of six different battle techniques for one of your armies.  There are three offensive and three tactical techniques that can be developed throughout the game. The three offensive techniques are Gunner’s Quadrant, Calvary Caracole, and Pike and Shot.  The three tactical techniques are Wolf Strategy, Landsknecht Training, and Matchlock Technology.

During the ENLISTMENT stage, you will be enlisting soldiers into your heroes’ armies.  Each soldier marker represents the myriad of troops that could be deployed in this time period such as swordsmen, spearman, bowmen, crossbowmen, knights, pikemen, pistoliers, cavalry, and musketeers. The soldier also represents the collective grouping of army regulars and hired mercenaries. Each soldier marker represents 5000 soldiers of a mixed army that will be enlisted to do battle for your league.

During the HERO stage, your heroes can build castles (costs six resource points), armories (costs five resource points), or churches (costs four resource points).  Building projects can only be accomplished by heroes with the Build ability (the default ability of princes).  Heroes who have the Recruit ability or acquire it can also recruit other available princes, confessors, and generals.  Confessors are also able to publish their confessional writings for distribution in a territory.  Also, heroes may conduct battles with their armies.  The more advanced each hero becomes, the better they are at each hero ability.  There are over 25 hero abilities that heroes can gain throughout the game.



The goal of League of Confessors is to win the game by gaining seven Conquest Points. Each electorate territory is worth 1 Conquest Point (CP). The other way you can gain a CP is to fully advance a hero in their abilities. If you fully advance a hero in their abilities, you will also gain 1 CP for as long as that hero is alive. If your league has seven or more Conquest Points at the end of one of your turns, you win the game!



With the Franco-Ottoman Expansion, The Unholy Alliance, you gain access to the House of Valois (Francis I) and the Ottoman Empire (Suleiman the Magnificent).  These two armies form a third league called the Franco-Ottoman Alliance.  This league has up to 16 new historical heroes with their own unique skills.  You will only stand a chance at defeating the other two leagues by using the unique abilities of each alliance’s army.

League of Confessors.Francis I for Kickstarter

League of Confessors.Suleiman for Kickstarter

The Franco-Ottoman league have no confessors. Their interest in conquest is completely political.  Due to this fact, the House of Valois (HoV) and the Ottoman Empire (OE) start the game with only two heroes on the LoC game board (no confessor heroes).

The path to victory is still the same.  Whatever league gains seven or more CPs at the end of one of their turns is the winner!












gotz von berlichengen UNLOCKED

For Kickstarter (Luther's Small Catechism Training Card Game Stretch Goal)


League of Confessor Box Picture
1  12×9 in. Large Retail Box (Reformation 2017 Edition)
League of Confessor (John Frederick the Magnanimous components on blank background)
The Army Components of John Frederick the Magnanimous (The Lutheran League)

6 Dark Blue LoC Hero Pawns

6 Dark Blue LoC Army Mats (5.5 x 3.5 in.)

7 Blue 10mm Wooden Cubes

10 Dark Blue LoC Hero Markers

30 Dark Blue LoC Soldier Markers 

League of Confessor (Charles V components on blank background)
The Army Components of Charles V (The Catholic League)

6 Dark Red CaL Hero Pawns

6 Dark Red CaL Army Mats (5.5 x 3.5 in.)

7 Red 10mm Wooden Cubes

10 Dark Red CaL Hero Markers

30 Dark Red CaL Soldier Markers 

League of Confessor (Philip of Hesse components on blank background)
The Army Components of Philip of Hesse (The Lutheran League)

6 Light Blue LoC Hero Pawns

6 Light Blue LoC Army Mats (5.5 x 3.5 in.)

7 Black 10mm Wooden Cubes

10 Light Blue LoC Hero Markers

30 Light Blue LoC Soldier Markers 

League of Confessor (Ferdinand I components on blank background)
The Army Components of Ferdinand I (The Catholic League)

6 Light Red CaL Hero Pawns

6 Light Red CaL Army Mats (5.5 x 3.5 in.)

7 White 10mm Wooden Cubes

10 Light Red CaL Hero Markers

30 Light Red CaL Soldier Markers 

League of Confessor (House of Valois components on blank background)
The Army Components of Francis I (The Franco-Ottoman League)

6 Purple HoV Hero Pawns

6 Purple HoV Army Mats (5.5 x 3.5 in.)

7 Purple 10mm Wooden Cubes

10 Purple HoV Hero Markers

30 Purple HoV Soldier Markers 

League of Confessor (Ottoman Empire components on blank background)
The Army Components of Suleiman the Magnificent (The Franco-Ottoman League)

6 Green OE Hero Pawns

6 Green OE Army Mats (5.5 x 3.5 in.)

7 Green 10mm Wooden Cubes

10 Green OE Hero Markers

30 Green OE Soldier Markers 

League of Confessor (all other game components on blank background)
LoC Game Components and Charts

1  18×18 in. Quad Fold Game Board

14 LoC Armory Markers

16 LoC Castle Markers

18 LoC Church Markers

12 LoC Technique Markers

1  10×12 LoC Rulebook

4 Confessor Dice

6 LoC Hero Ability Charts


League of Confessor (unlocked stretch goals components on blank background)
Stetch Goal Heroes and Components

2 Dark Blue LoC Hero Pawns

2 Light Blue LoC Hero Pawns

2 Dark Red CaL Hero Pawns

2 Light Red CaL Hero Pawns

2 Purple HoV Hero Pawns

2 Green OE Hero Pawns

2 Dark Blue LoC Army Mats (5.5 x 3.5 in.)

2 Light Blue LoC Army Mats (5.5 x 3.5 in.)

2 Dark Red CaL Army Mats (5.5 x 3.5 in.)

2 Light Red CaL Army Mats (5.5 x 3.5 in.)

2 Purple HoV Army Mats (5.5 x 3.5 in.)

2 Green OE Army Mats (5.5 x 3.5 in.)

2 Blue 10mm Wooden Cubes

2 Red 10mm Wooden Cubes

2 Black 10mm Wooden Cubes

2 White 10mm Wooden Cubes

2 Purple 10mm Wooden Cubes

2 Green 10mm Wooden Cubes

For Kickstarter (Luther's Small Catechism Training Card Game on Whited out background)
Luther’s Small Catechism Training Card Game

36 Illustrated Training Cards (3.5 x 2.5 in.)

1  Illustrated Game Box (3.5 x 2.5 x 1.62 in.)